Export control Dual-use goods, sanctions, embargoes – Online


This course take plase in Live Steaming  mode with  the Zoom platform, participants will be able to constantly interact with the speakers.

You will learn why every exporting company should at some point deal with the interpretation of dual-use goods, sanctions and embargoes, even if you are not a manufacturer of war material yourself.


You will get the necessary overview so that you can recognize the importance for your own company and fulfill your entrepreneurial duty of care.

Target participants

Managing directors, financial officers, purchasing, sales, export and logistics staff of exporting companies who deal with the subject of compliance, procurement and export. Suppliers of exporting companies

Course contents

  • Overview of minimum measures that exporting companies must implement
  • Practical examples
  • How to determine whether you are affected by dual-use regulations
  • Industry-relevant sanctions and embargoes
  • Definition of export control and related terms
  • Dealing with goods subject to authorization and their risks
  • Tips and tricks
  • Practical examples


Claudia Feusi, Customs & Trade Expert, ZFEB | Zollschule.ch (Italian and English)                Janine Beck, Customs & Trade Expert, ZFEB | Zollschule.ch (English, Main Speaker)


Lunedì 11 settembre 2023


Live Streaming Zoom


Cécile Chiodini Polloni
Formazione puntuale
+41 91 911 51 18

Quota d’iscrizione

210.- soci Cc-Ti, SIC Ticino, S-GE
230.- membri di associazioni affiliate Cc-Ti
250.- non soci
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